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When you have an interactive level, it changes the meaning and everyone's comfort level with that.

Parker: It's always different (depending on the medium). It was weird, we really had a horrible experience with parts of Stick of Truth. We kind of had a little bit of an attitude that we know how to write a movie, we'll write a game — it'll work out and it will be a sweet game. Throughout, we would say we are never doing this again.

LOS ANGELES — The South Park kids will again be invading video-game consoles.

And the character that players take the role of, The New Kid, will eventually find his way onto the Comedy Central TV series.

We wanted to get more into that back story."Here, our Q&A with the duo: Q: Was there anything you wanted to do on the last game that the publishers said, 'No you can't do that?

'Stone: There was definitely a few (Entertainment Software Rating Board) notes (about a scene in an) abortion clinic.

Now they have moved on to playing superheroes with Cartman as The Coon, a hero that is half man, half raccoon."We really liked creating this new character," says Parker.

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It’s the world we live in.” By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent Singer Sam Smith and actress Bella Thorne have led tributes to rapper Lil Peep, who has reportedly died of a suspected overdose at the age of 21.Entitled 'Where My Country Gone,' the episode openly ridiculed the then-presidential hopeful by mocking his proposed immigration policies before showing the character being brutally raped to death.