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25-Aug-2018 05:30

Providing you dont give out any personal information i dont see how its anymore if not less dangerous then being somewhere in the world in person where someone could kill you then and there.Be on chatroom where you have to be tracked down then killed or what ever they are going to do or go outside and been see and killed on the spot.If so, then law enforcement, social-media entrepreneurs, and parents all may need to think about ways to discourage such business models.Skout’s Teen App Skout offers a mobile app and social-media platform that allows people to meet up.Yeah people could find out where you are with your ip or something like that but that crap isnt easy to do.Chatrooms are no more safer than real life you cant protect someone from everything or stop them from doing things they arent suppose to but just give them the common sense( a lot of people fail to have adults included) to know what to say and not say.Skout’s situation is the reverse of Facebook’s: It must figure out how to keep predatory adults out of a virtual world designed for teenagers alone, rather than figuring out how to safely allow kids into a world designed for adults.It’s possible that teens will be less guarded on a site like Skout that they know is aimed at them and their peers, than they will on a site like Facebook, where their “friends” may include their parents.

Also, unlike many location-based apps, Skout provides general rather than specific location information, empowering each community member to decide if, when and where to meet in person.”But at the end of the day, Skout reasoned, “[I]t’s become clear to us that these measures aren’t enough.: Three teens are allegedly raped or sexually exploited after meeting adults on a “teens only” flirting site. And as a result, last week, Skout—a company that provides both adult-only and teen-only “flirting” sites—announced that, for now at least, it was shelving its teen app in light of the allegations.In this column, I will discuss the Skout situation as an example of the potential dangers of adults’ entering teen-only realms and masquerading as teens.In a second instance case, a 15-year-old Ohio girl has accused a 37-year-old man of rape.

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And in the third, a 13-year-old boy accused a 21-year-old Wisconsin man of sexual assault.In recent weeks, we’ve learned of several incidents involving a few bad actors trying to take advantage of some of our younger members.”Until the Skout staff can design better protections, Wiklund said, the under-18 community will be closed.

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