Validating numeric fields in cobol

27-Aug-2017 01:48

The solution then is to explicitly cast $val in to be an int and then is_numeric will work.

The solution is pretty simple and no subroutines or fancy operations are necessary to make the 'is_numeric' function usable for form entry checks: Simply strip off all (invisible) characters that may be sent along with the value when submitting a form entry. Example:$variable = trim($variable);if (is_numeric($variable)else When using the exec() function in php to execute anther php script, any command line arguments passed the script will lose their type association, regardless of whether they are numeric or not, the same seems to hold true for strings as : two scripts test.php: Executing on the command line will echo nothing (ie false), and false will be returned regardless of any escaping of parameters or other such attempts to overcome this.

I also use this approach when testing for other character sets such as Hex. Not the end of the world, but something to be aware of :) Sometimes, we need to have no letters in the number and is_numeric does not quit the job. But as stated the same test was performed using a string for $val and the is_string() function and the same thing occurs. Depending upon your specific application you can also choose to ignore spaces and allow for 'e' notation.

Keep in mind that some notations pt the sign to the right of the number instead of to the left. Maybe it is a goodidea to write a function and then to use it.$input_number = "444"; // Answer 1 $input_number = "44 "; // Answer 2$input_number = "4 4"; // Answer 2$input_number = "4e4"; // Answer 2 $input_number = "e44"; // Answer 2$input_number = "e4e"; // Answer 2$input_number = "abc"; // Answer 2*/ Hi !

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