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The exception, of course, was the Chinese front where the inevitable exhaustion of the defender and the inability of her allies to provide supplies brought success to the Japanese.

Throughout the fiscal year which ended September 1, 1944, the forces of the United Nations, with one lone exception, were making steady and sometimes rapid progress in liquidating the enemy.

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Another Japanese stronghold, Finschhafen, fell October 3. In the Pacific the new great strength of the United States Navy resolutely battered the Japanese from island to island, taking one important enemy bastion at a time. But, in other areas of the Far East and on the European Continent, the year was one of triumph for the armies of America, Britain, Russia and their Allies.The plan of battle was to neutralize the Japanese base at Rabaul on New Britain Island.

While the operations on the New Guinea coast provided one arm of this pincer movement, the other demanded a northward progress in the Solomon Islands.The result was the incredible score of 177 Japanese planes destroyed, 123 ships and harbor craft sunk, at the cost of only 5 American planes.