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Her busy schedule doesn't give her much spare time.

, decided at 37 to be a single mom, she started online sperm-donor browsing.Many of them will need it: At least one in eight couples overall suffer from infertility, and much of that is due to delayed childbearing. Credit goes to the 450 high-tech fertility clinics in the U. The Centers for Disease Control keeps statistics on IVF success rates by age; many clinics in Los Angeles beat the national averages."California is widely regarded to be the most friendly state in terms of assisted reproduction," says attorney Richard Vaughn, whose twin sons with actor husband Tommy Woelfel () were born with the help of an egg donor and surrogate mother: "Our courts are very friendly to the intended parents and their rights." In California, case law makes clear that "regardless of genetics, intended parents are the natural parents," adds Vaughn. Read more Jaime King Reveals Fertility Struggles on Instagram Even so, media coverage of glowing older celebu-moms — from Halle Berry, who just had her second child at age 47, to Laura Linney, who gave birth to her first child in 2014 at 49 — can mislead.After her successful first pregnancy, which she attributes to yoga and fertility acupuncturist Daoshing Ni, the actress and American Fertility Association board member suffered a miscarriage at 40 and decided not to pursue more treatments: "They've done studies that found going through infertility is equivalent in stress to cancer or HIV." Though TV writer Fain achieved success using IUI — the first choice for single moms and lesbians — a growing number of doctors feel it's "becoming a dinosaur," says Jeffrey Steinberg, a veteran of the team that produced the first "test-tube baby," Louise Brown, in 1978, and head of the Fertility Institutes, a clinic in L. and New York that specializes in cutting-edge genetic procedures.

In states where insurance is required to cover infertility, some plans require that a patient fail several IUI rounds before moving on to in vitro fertilization.

A few months after reducing her meds, and a year and a half into her fertility struggle, Najmabadi extracted 18 eggs, implanting two embryos.