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Depending on your exact situation with hardware and data, you may find that simply reindexing the tables is faster than UPDATE STATISTICS with FULLSCAN and possibly a better option.

I apologize for mark down but you have no idea what you are talking about.

Here's my code: The Background Worker class may be a more appropriate solution for this scenario though... Do you think it will be possible somehow, to load in parallel the textures and also update the UI without measurable compromises in speed? I believe that running the loading in the background allows other heavy operations to start, like the rendering of the textures which probably drop loading speed or even kill the loading process. For() will be a blocking call until all the loop iterations have completed.

Reference: So as I answered to Paul below, running the loading in the background results in a huge loss in performance. I hope I don't ask for much ;)I use 4 and Task. FYI, loading the current scene's textures on a single thread takes 58s, with parallel. Is there a way to keep performance and update the textblock? As such, you can do what was suggested above or simply wrap the invocation in a background thread. I tried these methods but running the computations in a background thread cause a big delay in the loading process.

If you're not seeing parallelism for your specific scenario, then please edit the question to state that, and any other relevent details.

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But I'm not really sure about this so its really just a wild guess to hopefully inspire somebody who knows more.You spawn a thread to post a message to your UI, and when you are finally on your UI thread, you call Application. Unfortunately, the number displayed is not the number of items currently processed, but the index of the item that happened to be processed in the moment the timer event is raised. This can be done by using The only point I'm trying to make here is you can determine when it makes sense to determine your progress through you loop.And, as these loop iterations are on background threads you will need to marshall the GUI control update logic back onto your main (dispatching) there no way of avoiding the sleep, or do i need to have it there?

it seems like my ui wont update the label unless i do?I would say that you could run UPDATE STATS on different tables in parallel, but that seems like more trouble than it's worth and you may have too much I/O contention for it to be worthwhile.